Outdoor Adventure: Exploring Mt. Kan-irag and Kabang Falls

It’s not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.-Gustav Mahler

Mt. Kan -Irag also known as Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak is situated in the upland area of the city, specifically in Barangay Malubog. It is standing approximately 700 MASL (meters above sea level) and at the peak of this Mountain makes the city a distant reality. Despite the rain showers, Mt. Kan-Irag can be climbed up quite easily even by beginners. Having said so, however, you will of course be confronted by the harsh conditions of nature, so you should try to become acquainted with the features of Mt. Kan-irag well in advance, and make thorough plans before climbing up the mountain.

Mt. Kan-irag (Sirao Peak) Cebu

It was already raining the night before the scheduled trek due to a Tropical Storm to enter the Philippines, I was thinking of cancelling but there was more wanting in me than the thought of quitting, besides I never was the quitter hey.   Continue reading


The Principle of Love

exploring genesis The Kiss

tumblr_mzw6jveoR71s3ggdno2_r2_1280There are three ways that individuals who are oppressed can deal with their oppression. One of them is to rise up against their oppressors with physical violence and corroding hatred. But oh this isn’t the way. Violence creates many more social problems than it solves. another way is to acquiesce and to give in, to resign yourself to the oppression. but that too isn’t the way, because non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperatexploring genesis Loveion with good but there is another way. and that is to organize mass non violent resistance based on the principle of love. Where there is something about hate that tears down and is destructive, there is something about love that builds up and is creative. love is the only creative, redemptive, transforming power in the universe. Continue reading