19 Signs She likes you

Okay so you like a girl, but you’re not sure she likes you. Here are 19 signs a girl is trying really hard to give you that signal you’re too naive to get.










1. She laughs at all your jokes – You’re not very funny you know that, okay maybe you are but no one is that funny. Believe me she’s just high for you and the things you do or say is so darn lovely for her. The thought that you’re  talking to her is the point of the whole thing.









2. She’s interested and engaged and did I mention blushing in your presence? –  Every story you have for her is going to win an Oscar, it’s an ancient poem written by the gods and it’s everything she hopes to hear, everything.

William Shakespear








3. She lets you touch her lower back- matter fact she will move closer so you wouldn’t have to think twice. Come on man do something already.

hold her







 4. She let’s you buy her drinks- and sometimes she does the buyin’.

The Wish










5. She likes to play the damsel in distress around you– Usually she will loudly say she’s cold but not really? or pretend to be really bad at doing something so you can have that chance to offer some assistance. yeah that’s us.

Damsel in distress










6. She will wait for your text- no matter how late it is, she will pray you text and if you do even at 3am she will have to battle with herself before she can respond, and she will respond, in the morning because she doesn’t want you to think she waited her whole life for that ‘How you doin’.








7. She likes all the music and movies you like- if she haven’t heard/watched of them yet she will do her best to watch/listen to them no matter how ancient it is and will suddenly she loves Starwars.

The Smiths






8. She wants to cuddle or simply be with you- Ultimately, with you, alone.







9. She likes all your Instagram and Facebook pictures- but before we do that, we will think a million times, trace when we liked your post last and figure out from there if it’s time to hit it. We don’t want you thinking we’re stalking you hey.







10. When with friends-you will see her friends glancing back at you with a huge smile and with it giggles. She likes to tell her girlfriends about you you know.







11. She will accidentally bump into you-  kind of like an excuse to touch you. You will notice that she is more playful with you than with other members of the group.











12. She will never Facebook friend you first-  but she is dying for you to add her. And even if you’re not facebook friends yet, she will know alot beforehand. She’s CIA like that.












13. She is stiff in your presence- and her pupils are enlarged when you make eye contact with her.







14. She knows your every Facebook posts- matterfact she’s got you on her lists of Close Friends: She will not comment but will read all the comments and specifically pay attention to the girl(s) commenter. Hmmmmmpp








15. She likes doing little things for you- If she’s there for you when you need help and smiles at you with a full set of teeth while at it, she likes you and she likes you alot.








16. She likes looking at you- she checks you out everyday, how your hand sways when you walk and all your bodily pattern (darn scary, but really we’re just normal like that), if you catch her looking at you she will quickly dart her head in a different direction but secretly hoping you saw that.








17. She’s wearing that special perfume, everyday-  hoping that every encounter you smell that, and your heart remembers it.







18. And if you still don’t get it she will give you a hint(s)- from Facebook status, Instagram to the moon and back just so you would get it, and you will get it, believe me you will.

tumblr_mzzb49TerT1sho1xio1_500 (1)











19. She’s dying to tell you she likes you- but she won’t. She’ll die waiting but she doesn’t have to right?







Many girls feel too shy to start a conversation, even if she seems like the most confident girl you know, she may have had a bad experience in the past or simply not that ready to approach you yet but will be receptive if you start the conversation first. So just get on it, we never know this might be a start of something beautiful.



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