5 reasons why you SHOULD travel










I went on a solo trip to Malaysia, I had no plan for action, but with only one purpose in mind, to see if I could do it and yeah maybe discover myself. I met a German girl, she was on the same flight from Singapore and also the same bus from the airport to Kuala Lumpur. Her name is Eva, she was already in the bus and the seat beside her was vacant so I asked if I could sit beside her and with a big smile she said yes and the rest was history, and yes we’re Facebook friends if you have to ask. I’ve spoken to several people like her who embark on such trips and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be a participant.

1. Culture










Each and every country is like a human being with interesting characteristics. The more you spend time exploring, the more you get to know her. It is paramount that you respect and do your best to acclimate to the country’s customs and values. Learning, at the very least, “hello” and “goodbye” in the native language is something even you in your country would appreciate from foreigners. Nothing can replace the art of wonder and awe these places can give you, appreciating it’s uniqueness and being able to experience it at the same time is devine.

2. People









Like their country, these people are shaped the way they are. It is very important to read about the country you’re visiting before setting foot. I’ve been in some areas that are widely considered unfriendly and the people are supposed to be rude, but you don’t know someone can prove it wrong. True enough every country I’ve visited I bring home with me new friends, memories and experiences. One thing I learned is to bring something to give to people you meet along the way, you’ll be surprised by how gift-giving is a universal custom. Meeting people while travelling for me is the best part of every vacation, never forgetting to wear a smile and with it an open mind in making conversation with no expectations and less judgy. The best part.

3. Stories











Like the country and the people, the story you bring home with you is influenced primarily by these two. Every country will always present you with new possibilities, new discoveries, different languages, friendships and new stories. You don’t know, you can be a story told to someone indulging in their daydreams, perhaps written somewhere in their surrendered memories book. These stories you will always relive, retell and remember. I love these stories.

4. Food














The country is it’s food. Each and every country offers a fine range of drink and food for sophisticated palates. It’s important to try them. And one can only do it if you have the courage to try the street food. “Street food makes travel interesting,” Bourdain explained. “It’s very easy to travel around the world and look out the window and not know where you are. You see the same businesses. Go to the best restaurant in town in Houston, New York, or Berlin, and they’re not going to be that different. That’s not the case with street food. In Mexico, you’ll know if you’re in Puebla or Mexico City—you’ll smell, see, and taste the difference.”

5. You











For never allowing the what if’s and or fear hold you down from your greatness, for never letting uncertainty stop you from stepping out of your norm and comfort zone, for always dreaming big dreams and never failing to capture them, for never allowing failure stop you from becoming the person you ought to be, that’s you. You deserve a pat in the back for just being you.

I know, it’s a big world out there. It will be really grueling to leave the world you are so used to living but to do something so actively uncomfortable, so uncertain knowing that in a short period of time it’s going to be one of the best experiences of your life, supreme. But isn’t that what life is all about? Not knowing what’ll happen next, but trusting in the Devine power of God that everything will work together for your good? It’s amazing how life can leave you breathless like the many places you’ve visited and will visit. If you have not travelled do it, I beg of you. God didn’t make the world so big so you could sit on your own feeling small, go out there and live, really live.


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