Tribu Tagbu: Conquered Mt. Mauyog Summit, traverse to Mt. Manunggal

Every place you visit is already the beauty you bring with you awaiting discovery, one must have it to give it. You can be in the grandest of places but you will never truly experience life when you bring with you a wrong mindset.

Tribu Tagbu


To get to Tabunan from Cebu City, take a passenger van at Ayala Center Cebu PUV Terminal  thats bound for Balamban.  Travel time is about 45 minutes and fare is P120 pesos. If you see this sign along the road (quite hard not to notice), get off of the van, don’t get comfy in there just like Flomah. hahaha.



From here, there are 3 options. You can walk about 6 kilometers in length in a snaky rough road which would take you around 3 hours, ride a habal2x that’s about P100 or hitchhike to get you to Brgy. Tabunan. I would recommend you walk, you will not believe what surprises the road up awaits and then hold out that arm with your thumb up to get a ride in a passing vehicle.

Tribu TagbuTribu Tagbu













Flowers of different kinds, beautiful ain’t it?

Warning: Please don’t scroll down if you’re eating, uncool or if seeing shit is way too metal for you.



Tadaaaaa I knew you would. You just can’t let it go can’t you? I warned you but you didn’t listen, you never listen. Now don’t get so upset an all.

Cow Shit


Okay that must be quite an experience for you I promise there won’t be any of that at the end of this. Fruits of different sorts, this one I haven’t seen yet. Not him for Pete’s sake, the fruit doh.

Tungaw Tungaw


But of course, I asked a kid what the name of the fruit was and shyly he answered “Tungaw Tungaw”. I couldn’t figure out it’s English name but it looks alot like Wildberry to me. Picked one too many good thing I still have about 4 kilometers to walk and just ate it along the way. Tasty? It taste like strawberry but not really nah mean?

Tribu TagbuWildberry













That seemed like an endless road, taking into account the scorching heat of the sun, though the heat never bothered us it did anyway so we sure would very much welcome the rain. Surprisingly a truck for hollow blocks happen to us and immediately we all flashed that killer smile and you can guess what happens next. HA! Thanks to Junrey.

Tribu Tagbu


So tell me, who can resist that charm, a man oozing with so much life, masculinity in it’s highest measure Adonis would be ashamed he was ever born. No one, Zero, Nada. He is famous for his A.K.A Maria Juveyguh Billgit.

Tribu Tagbu


Things are looking up. The free ride saved us time and money. We arrived at Tabunan proper just in time for lunch. Now there isn’t so much Carenderias here but we happen to one, what a relief!  Climbers often come here for lunch before climbing. If you plan on stopping by for lunch, you can call/text Loloy Babiera at +639202979279, they cook a good Tinolang manok bisaya (Native Chicken). They have stuff for climbing too, booze and more booze.

Baranggay Tabunan


Time for headcount, complete but this time heavier. Pfft.

Tribu Tagbu


Mount Mauyog which is just adjacent to our main point of destination, Mt. Manunggal, unknown to many can be quite a challenging climb. This house is just right at the foot of Mt. Mauyog. From the foot of the mountain, the peak looks like a gigantic coral, some describes it as the brain-like pattern of rock platform. This is the official starting point of the first segment of the adventure, Climbing Mt. Mauyog.

Foot of Mount Mauyog


River trekking for me was one of the highlights. Getting your shoes wet, feeling the current eased the seemingly impossible distance from the river to the summit. Boy I was this close to swimming but there are still two summits to conquer so whatever.

Mt. Mauyog River Trekking


The trail, as we went higher, became wilder and narrow. Inhospitable trail of thorny shrubs and sharp volcanic rocks greeted us with disdain, with the really heavy backpack I was carrying I swear I was this close to giving up, this close. Rest was like a very looked forward companion.

Mt. Mauyog


Now say hello to a five-foot high step of slippery rock face with only a few handholds. Yikes!

Tribu Tagbu


Moss inhabits the rocks, which changes colour depending on the season, this reddish orange moss for example looks uncanny from afar, not Cj okay, not the human.

Reddish Orange moss


We all reached the summit at about 4:00PM and leisurely shared in the wonders of viewing the lower valleys from atop. This less trodden Mountain remained mysterious. With it’s puzzling trail covered with crawling  thorny plants, loosed soil and moving rocks one wrong move can can leave you unconscious forever or nawwww. This is not to bring you fear (Fear not my child), but simply to tell you to be careful in every step because I love you and I love you that much. Hahah

Mt. Mauyog Summit


Yayyyy we conquered Mount Mauyog Summit. Ohh would you just look at that, and the valley and the clouds but first lemme take a groufie.

Conquered Mt. Mauyog - Tribu Tagbu Usfie


This all natural Cross can be found in the summit of Mt. Mauyog and has stood the test of time. Whoever made this must have a beautiful heart. RESPECT!

Mt. Mauyog Cross


Descended at 4:46PM, rested for about 15 minutes and continued the trek to Mount Manunggal. The trail going down to the foot of Mount Mauyog can be quiet treacherous we had to use the rope Cj had brought in with him otherwise we’ll all come tumbling down like Jack and Jill who just fetch a pail of water, goodness they we’re kids.

ilocaspeaks at Mt. MauyogTribu Tagbu












It was already getting dark so we had to hustle but everybody was taken aback by this.

Mt. Manunggal Sunset


Every Sunset speaks of beauty that is beyond comprehension,  bringing with it an unspeakable message only it’s creator is able to decipher.



Trekking at night is kinda scurry, plus with all the Movies these days, like that Wrong Turn and all but with a sideview of the sunset nahhh and some praying along the way I’d say cakewalk. We’ll make it to the peak in no time.

Mt. Manuggal Welcome Sign


A long winding road but thankfully the mountain has ladders that made it quite easy for us to traverse. Just follow through it and you will never get lost unless of course you want to.

Mount Manunggal Ladder


Scared silence was in every faces but felt an inch smarter as we relived the saddest death of a beloved president.

Ramon Magsaysay's Death


It was approximately 7PM when we reached Mount Manunggal.  Located in Barangay Magsaysay in Balamban, Cebu and rises to a height of 1,003 meters above sea level. It is the crash site of the presidential plane Pinatubo which carried and killed President Ramon Magsaysay and seventeen of his presidential staff and some news correspondents during that unforgettable event on March 17, 1957 where an annual trek is held to commemorate his death. It is accessible through many trails but the trail from Tagba-o and at Cantipla in Tabunan, Cebu City is the main route from which the yearly Pres. Ramon Magsaysay Death Anniversary Climb is held

President Ramon Magsaysay


To put a face on the name incase you’re a foreigner, this is the late President.

President Ramon Magsaysay





We set camp, prepared for dinner and some warm drinks right after.

Tribu Tagbu Dinner


Mt. Manunggal is a good spot for camping but the seemingly impossible cold of the night can bother you so bring a blanket or a thermal jacket, good music, some Wine, The Emperors Drink and the all famous “Kulafu”. We brought all of them anyways. ahaha.

Mount Manunggal


It was too early to sleep but that didn’t bother them anyway. And without a care in the world summited every personal mountain their dreams can only realized. Kami nalay nauwaw, togtatog.

Mt. mauyog


Cebu’s highest peak, considered and rated to be a major climb by Cebu Mountaineering Society (CeMS), now who wouldn’t wanna climb that right?



Getting ready for the most awaited Gining Falls because climbing a summit is triple the fun when there’s a falls that awaits.

camping at Mt. Manunggal


The traverse to the falls will take you approximately 2-3 hours. The trail is quite evident, you won’t get lost I promise. This man made Bamboo bridge is beautiful, the humans made it. Hahaha.

Gining Falls Bridge


The falls in every mountain is like the cherry on top of every cupcake, it is there, waiting for you after a long traverse making each step a wonderful labour to take because you know it will be worthwhile.

Gining Falls


We arrived at the falls about 11:30AM, prepared for dinner and prized ourselves the refreshing dip we we’re all so stoked about getting. Oh but would you just look at Junrey, it’s indescribable how manly he is  with all those muscles. He sure worked hard for it. Boy you never see that everyday.

Tribu Tagbu in Gining Falls


The locals told us that there is going to be vegetable cargo truck that is set to leave at 3PM bound for Carbon and because it is hard and quite pricey to get a transportation back to the main road, we aimed to get there just in time, earlier we hope.

Going to Tabunan Proper


Wheww we were just in time for loading. We negotiated the truck driver, told him that we’re gonna pay for our transfer and he said we’ll see if there’s room left for 6 people, and the six people spoke in prayers no one has ever heard of (secretely of course).

Tabunan Proper


Oh but yes alright. There was enough room left for 1 person but unbelievably accomodated about 15 people. Rumor has it that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Tabunan Proper


This has got to be the ride of a lifetime. The truck stopped every 15 minutes to load for more vegetables until we we’re all at the topmost part of the truck.

Buwis Buhay


At the tenth stop we thought it was over but it was never over. This truck is gonna load the whole world if it could to bring to carbon I swear. So we walked our way to the main road hoping we could hitchhike again to JY Square. The van bound for Ayala Terminal is already packed with passenger from Balamban so it is going to be a challenge getting a transfer back to the city. But we did, after two hours we did.

Back to JY


And not just that, one of the passenger was Ronnie Muring, he and his team Kalit Vudu pulled off a major upset after claiming the title of the 2006 Carrera Habagat Kombate Sa Camotes over the more favored team Sandugo-Philippine Coast Guard of Leo Oracion. Rubbed elbows and shared a snack with the champion. Oh but did I mention free?

Ronnie Muring


Suggested Itinerary:

08:30am – Meetup at Ayala Jeepny/V-hire Terminal
10:00am – ETD going to Cantipla-Tabunan Junction
10:40am – ETA in Cantipla-Tabunan Junction
10:45am – ETD going to Tabunan Proper
11:40am – ETA in Tabunan Proper
11:45am – Take a Lunch Break
12:30nn – ETD Get ready and start the trek going to Mt. Mauyog (via Sunog trail)
03:00pm – ETA in the Foot of Mt. Mauyog and Start ascend to the summit
04:00pm – ETA in the Summit of Mt. Mauyog
04:46pm – Descend back to the foot of Mt. Mauyog
05:10pm – ETA in the foot of Mt. Mauyog
05:20pm – ETD Trek to Mt. Manuggal
06:56pm – ETA in Mt. Manuggal Camping site
07:10pm – Set tent and Prepare Dinner
08:00pm – Dinner
09:00pm – Socials
12:00pm – Lights Off

Day 2

05:30am – Wakeup Call
05:50am – Cook breakfast
06:30am – Breakfast
08:00am – BreakCamp and cleanup the area
09:00am – ETD Descend to Guining Falls
11:30am – ETA in Guining Falls
12:00am – Cook lunch
12:40am – Lunch
02:00pm – ETD trek back to Tabunan proper
02:30pm – ETA in Tabunan proper
03:15pm – ETD back to Cantipla / Transcentral Highway
04:00pm – ETA in Cantipla / Transcentral Highway
06:00pm – ETD back to City / JY Square Lahug

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers,the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. -John Lubbock

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
Read more at and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers,the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. -John Lubbock


From Cebu City, take a passenger van at Ayala Center bound for Balamban. Tell the driver to drop you at “Barangay Gaas”, the jump-off to Mt. Manunggal. Travel time is about 45 minutes and fare is 110 pesos. – See more at:

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