arise, shine Pinoy

Living means you got a purpose to serve, responsibilities, a life that is never your own and around you, people to love.

Daan BantayanIt was one of the most powerful recorded storm to make landfall. It tore through the center of the Philippines, where many people were just beginning to recover from an earthquake. The effects of the storm, still being assessed as teams reach cut-off communities, have been catastrophic.

When something like Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan happen you can’t turn a deaf ear, you just cant. Silent faces and tired eyes in the television will get you thinking, what am I still doing here sitting comfortably when all the world is doing all it could possibly do to help? The heart will now cause you to action, the soul in one accord with the spirit and the body will have no choice but to act like a puppet on a string. One act of kindness turned viral, got everybody dancin’ to the tune of Love, Lord bless them. Beautiful, this is what happens when Love moves, you simply can’t refuse it’s call. This is what brought us here and what will keep us going.


Captain planetCaptain Planet’sLet the powers combine‘ was exactly the theme after Haiyan, but this time the whole world combining, moving towards one aim, to love by helping.

The Josenian Triskelion Alumni Organization together with the Benjamin Generation Bible Study Group, friends from United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Norway and our fellow countrymen made life a little easier for the people of Daan Bantayan. Okay this is the part where you say ‘Faith in Humanity Restored‘.


As previously stated in just JTAO Project when i thought all was back to normal, we could have opted to distribute relief goods, but as we see the outpouring of continuous relief support given to those affected, we would like to supplement these inspirational efforts by launching and rebuilding of permanent homes in these surrounding communities.

Clarita Juan lost her hoJTAO Projectuse when Typhoon Haiyan blew away everything but two walls of Clarita’s house. After Haiyan moved on, the rains that poured down almost every day were a cruel reminder of what she lost. Clarita’s son replaced two missing walls with debris left by the powerful storm. She was all smiles when she received the following.

– 14 sheets of G. I
– 1 sack of cement
– 2 kilos of umbrella nails
– 2 kilos of common nails
– 1/4 kilo of vulca seal

With teary eyes she looked at me and told me how happy she is, “[Now] we don’t get rained on and can sleep through the night,” Clarita says.


We are blessed to be a blessing to others, we give because much has been given to us, we love because He first love us.










Pope Francis pleaded for aid for the survivors in the Philippines when he said, “Sadly, there are many, many victims and the damage is huge. Let’s try to provide concrete help.”

If you wish to donate, comment on and we’ll connect you to the right people.

Special thanks to Mr. Sonkee and Mrs. Blonde Hee of United Kingdom, UK Cambridge Students, Caroline Joy Tang and Maddy Floss of Singapore, May May Ang, Che Panganiban, Ali Yassar and Hannah Lorraine Yosores Tan, Don and Mara Garcia White, Ayen Manzano, Irna Vill Lanie and Bong Romero.



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