Outdoor Adventure: Exploring Mt. Kan-irag and Kabang Falls

It’s not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.-Gustav Mahler

Mt. Kan -Irag also known as Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak is situated in the upland area of the city, specifically in Barangay Malubog. It is standing approximately 700 MASL (meters above sea level) and at the peak of this Mountain makes the city a distant reality. Despite the rain showers, Mt. Kan-Irag can be climbed up quite easily even by beginners. Having said so, however, you will of course be confronted by the harsh conditions of nature, so you should try to become acquainted with the features of Mt. Kan-irag well in advance, and make thorough plans before climbing up the mountain.

Mt. Kan-irag (Sirao Peak) Cebu

It was already raining the night before the scheduled trek due to a Tropical Storm to enter the Philippines, I was thinking of cancelling but there was more wanting in me than the thought of quitting, besides I never was the quitter hey.  

Meeting place was Ayala Center Cebu, yes the mall, took a 13c Jeepney to Sunny Hills, Talamban.

Ayala Centre Cebu

From Sunny Hills,  we headed to Sitio Baugo, our jump-off point in Baranggay Budlaan where we started the trek.

Brgy. Baugo going to Kabang falls (Budlaan Falls)

A quick stop was necessary to get us all geared up for the trek (awww ayg nalag palag gud).


After a short preparation and a some picture picture here and there we headed off into the light forest that will lead us to the base of Budlaan River System. We didn’t have a guide so much is to be expected and that includes getting lost oh but it’s fun you know.


Nothing beats the beauty of nature, truly magnificent. Yes we we’re ready for just about anything, we we’re hungry for adventures, want so much more of life and thirsty for Kulafu aww experience diay diba Tian?

Kabang Falls

We stopped at Kabang Falls for lunch and you can guess what happens next. Ha! a refreshing dip that is! The water here is refreshingly cool. You can’t not dip in the cool water as a reward for completing the very first part of the trek, you just cant.


And somewhere between lunchin’ and swimming, of course no one ever misses taking a selfie, I mean who does that? It’s envitable hahaha.

Flomar on selfie mode

And another one (hehe) this has to be me, I’m that sure.

Kabang Falls

Enjoying our last bath together, literally because water ain’t going to be easy access up there. So if you ever pass by a house, respectfully ask if you can buy water. The people here are quite friendly, I’m sure that bag will be 1 liter heavier again.

Ligo Ligo at Kabang Falls

After lunch and the refreshing dip, we were ready on our way up the mountain again. Rain showers accompanied us as we climbed  huge boulders situated at the edge of the waterfall. Boy was it a slippery climb it could turn treacherous by the hour.


And it did, the rain was more than happy to shower us with all the lovin’ it could give and we were delighted to be recipients of it. Who cares right? As long as you’re with the right group of people, you love what you do and you trust God that nothing bad is ever going to happen to you ends the argument. Besides who ever said that climbing a mountain is as easy as 123?


Oh say Hello to Christian and Christian, that’s right we are holy.


Splendid huh? I know, took me forever to look away. Oh but that’s not it yet, wait until you see the surprise of a lifetime.


Meet Flomar, he is quite a climber you know? He does things very differently, I look up to him, like literally.

Trail going to Mt. Kan-irag

And as you climb yourself to the top you will be greeted with this, stunning huh and Legen wait foe it…Dary!!!


To enjoy the scenery more, we stopped for some snackin’. Actually we stopped quite a few times on our way up (Fritz was asking for it, and Flomar couldn’t say no).


Meet Fritz, the Team captain. Ayos ra bodz?


Took (stole) some of nature’s finest fruit , Star Apple or Kaimito in the dialect.  (tried too look for someone to ask permission to I swear but found no one, and so we asked Papa God) and you guessed that right, He said Yes, we know He said yes.


We’re only a few hundred steps to get to the peak and I’m still lookin up. I told you he’s quite a climber. He always leads, a born leader I must say. Gosh I’m inlove.

The final assualt going to the top of Mt. Kan-irag

HA! We did it. Winner tent right there.


As we set up camp, we we’re talking about how wonderful it would be to see the setting of the sun and boy did the sunset happen right before our very eyes. (instagram gyud dayun uy, hashtag #nofilter lol)

Mt. Kan-Irag Sunset

Remember that surprise of a lifetime I was talking to you about earlier? That was this, enchanting isn’t it?


And the two rainbows we couldn’t believe our eyes. Three wonderful things happen all at the same time. It was the warmest welcome I have ever felt my entire life.

Rainbow at Mt. Kan-irag

Everybody stood in awe at the sight of this. We couldn’t get ourselves fix in just one, we had to see both. How? You can guess how it hurt our necks right after.

Sunset view at Mt. Kan-irag

Look how how famished we look preparing for dinner.


Spam, that’s right. We deserve a treat alright.


The must try Kulafu, to jumpstart the party spirit in us. Oh but there was 2? Mhhhh good thing there we’re other mountaineers camped for the night with us, I’m sure they have something enough to cover 3 thirsty campers. I slept early alright.


And that did it. Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling isn’t as easy as it sounds, but never quitting if you did fall is something only a man passionate in what he does can understand. The view of the flourishing city of Cebu can be seen in the distant horizon, truly breathtaking. Ah I see a part 2 happening.


There’s something about climbing a mountain that I find to be so beautiful, it’s like visiting an old home for the first time, discovering something about yourself you didn’t know existed and taking pleasure in every little secrets God created just waiting for us to unravel. Ha I sure would love a house in a mountain.

Click here for more photos

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 1

0800- Meetup at Ayala Insular Building (PS Bank Side)
0815- ETD Sunny Hills, Talamban (ride 13c)
0830- ETA Sunny Hills(Then ride habal2x going to Brg. Baugo)
0845- ETA Brg. Baugo
0900- Trek to Budlaan Falls (Kabang falls)
1000- ETA at Budlaan Falls
1000-1200 Prepare for lunch, swimming , chill
1230- ETD Get ready and start trekking to Sirao Peak(Mt. Kan-irag)
1530- ETA at Sirao Peak, relax and and set up camp
1730- Prepare for Dinner
1800- Dinner
1830-2130: Socialize
2130- Lights Off

Day 2

0500- Wakeup Call
0530- Prepare for breakfast
0600- Breakfast
0730- Breakcamp
0800- ETD Start trekking to Trancentral Highway
0930- ETA at Ayala Heights/ Trancentral Highway
0930-1030 ETA at JY Square (ride habal2 or Jeepney)


-Rumor has it that Mt. Kan-Irag is the training ground for all aspiring mountaineers, if you would ever need someone to guide you with let me know, I’ll hook you up with someone.

-Perfect for a budget conscious climber. We spent around 250Php each, most of it was for the habal-habal ride. P25 From Sunny Hills, Talamban to Sitio Baugo and P50 On the return trip, the habal-habal fare from Ayala Heights to JY Square.

-Pack light, you will be doing alot of climbing.

-Energy bars will be really helpful. And Lots of water and drinks filled with ions (e.g. Gatorade, coconut water, etc)

I hope this blog helped you, If you have questions please comment on…


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